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Edibles 2 Cassette – Count Bass D

Edibles 2 Cassette – Count Bass D

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This collection of instrumentals and two vocal ideas was constructed where I live in Penns Valley Pennsylvania using mainly a drum machine. After few people passed away on me last year and my niece went to Iraq, we started beefing with Iran. Politics have been wild and times are uncertain but I’m grateful to be alive. I turned the record in and while I waited for it to come out, Kobe Bryant and others passed away. I was an Instagram live guest with Snoop Dogg that morning talking in front of 13K+ and nervous. My internet connection wasn’t strong enough to talk clearly. As soon as I disconnected with him I got the news about the crash. I went from being nervous, to amped for the opportunity and all the new people who were connecting with me, to confused. I had watched a random Vlad TV interview with Michael Franzese the night before. They discussed helicopters and Kobe Bryant having one. I didn’t know he used a helicopter and the next day after I found out, he died in one. I was and still am confused as if I am currently in another dimension.
That tragic accident and the public’s reaction sealed the mood of Edibles 2. It’s been a peculiar few months and Edibles 2 sounds like it.

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